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Drenched in Red was the first and only event hosted by the group APT 333 (Michael Bishop & Saylor Surkamp) on July 1, 2017, at the Upstairs Lounge in St.Louis, MO. The title was intended to evoke an atmosphere inspired by the pulsating red light found at warehouse parties in the underground.

Join us in vermillion vibes for a night of sensual and sultry tech house. We’ve got a special guest from Chicago here to get the energy flowing as we delve deeper into summer. On this night we introduce him to the STL family as we dance the night away at the one and only Upstairs Lounge. We are thrilled to announce that FADED SESSIONS will be joining us to livestream all of the fun! 


Vincent R (chi)

No Pipsqeaks (stl)

Spike Stephens & Andy Reitz 

Apt.333 (stl)

Michael Bishop & Saylor Surkamp



APT.333 is a new project between Michael Bishop and Saylor Surkamp pairing in tastes and ambitions, the duo explore the darker sides of lofi-techno, house, djing and producing in tandem.

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